Teknik Inti Mandiri

Scope Of Services

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Scope Of Services PT. TIM company with complete resources, facilities and the engineers necessary for each assignment selected from qualified persons who are professional in all aspects. PT. TIM has complete competent, expertise and capability to offer and perform Electrical Panel for Power Plant & Industrial business.

PT. Teknik Inti Mandiri policy is to ensure the high quality of all our work. For each commission our aim is to fully meet the client requirements, and faithfully fulfill on the terms of the contract in order to ensure complete client satisfaction Our staff takes personal responsibility for quality of our work including our method for cooperating internally and externally, plus the attitude for quality performance of all products and services.

PT. Teknik Inti Mandiri with the aim to support client to developing their plant, improve the efficiency, boost the profitability and success of their industries business activities by providing competent services with strengthen worldwide engineering and product qualities.